About us

Cat’s story:

My jewellery making began as an accidental love. Making my own because I couldn’t find what I was looking for grew into a unique and compelling passion!

Demand was almost immediate amongst friends and family and then my favourite stores in Melbourne loved it too and Cat Hammill jewellery was born in 2008.

My brand grew quickly with major department stores on board early on and lot’s of interest from overseas stores. My look was very different, fresh and fun as nobody had offered bracelet stacks before along with layered necklaces that matched. By providing positive and inspirational engravings on each piece, I wanted to pass on my affirmation “Dreams do come true” because they did for me.

Growing up on a farm surrounded by picturesque landscapes and animals, I was always inspired by beautiful things! I was very sporty at school and loved art! As kids, we were never inside and my childhood memories are filled with laughter, sunburn, our pool and my horse!

My designs reflect a casual lifestyle and draws inspiration from travels and experiences both here in Australia and overseas. I like my customers to have a special experience with each purchase by passing on my positive affirmations of life, love and dreams..   To me, quality, affordability and versatility is very important, I want my jewellery to be effortless but stylish.

With customers in all corners of the world and retailers in areas as diverse as California, Canada, Dubai, Bahamas, Singapore and Japan I hope to keep building the brand both domestically and internationally.

Now mum of one I have to spread my time between little Raff and my business, I love what I do and hope my designs inspire you as much as they do me! My little boy inspires me every single day and can’t wait for him to grow bigger so I can make him some gorgeous hippy bracelets!

Love Cat